Hi All,

I saw that Crunchi posted this to another user & I decided to go ahead & try another anti virus sofware other than AntiVir just to see what it would come up with....


Please visit at least two of the following sites for an online virus scan:

BitDefender Free Online Virus Scan
Make sure you tick AutoClean under Scan Options.

Panda ActiveScan
Make sure you tick Disinfect automatically under Scan Options.

Housecall at TrendMicro
Make sure you tick Auto Clean.
When it completes, post back the full filename of any files that cannot be cleaned or deleted.

eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner

When I tried to run them from FF, they all said I have to be on IE (why is that?) & my bloody IE is infected once again with that bloody toolbar & I didn't want to open it. It's like a ticking time bomb.

I decided to open it anyway to hopefully solve the problem & then I realized it wanted me to DL the other anti virus programs, but you can't run more than one at the same time, so what should I do?

Also what do people here think about Anti Vir?

They pissed me off royally a few weeks ago b/c I was going to purchase their new paid software but b/c they don't understand English or prepared their site properly for the launch of their new version, no one outside a few countries (NA not being one of them) can sign up & register in order to pay & even their boards aren't fully in English in order to get answers.

Numerous e-mails back & forth didn't solve the problem b/c they didn't understand a word I was saying & I finally freaked on them after I was somehow signed up for their ezine even though I can't use their product & they won't solve the problem LOL

I am very careful about what goes on my machine, but with working so much online, it's innevitable that stuff gets on it. <sigh> & yes, my Anti Vir is almost always up-to-date & I even run Scan Spyware (which I paid for) & that helps only marginally.

Who likes which anti virus & anti spyware program the best & why?

Thanks for any help


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The best-rated antivirus program is Nod32, you can do a search on the web for ratings and opinions on it.

Here is a link to an AV discussion here at DaniWeb:


This may be helpful as well:


I'm not familiar with AnitVir, but the users here seem to like it:


But what's more important is your satisfaction, and it doesn't sound like you're very happy with the product or it's support.

All those online scanners require you to install an active X control. FF does not use them for security reasons.
Have replied to your other thread too :).

DLH - thanks for that. Wow, they charge yearly. Are you sure they are really that good?

Which spyware program do you recommend out of the list I scanned there?

Mine probably doesn't catch them b4 they come onboard.

Crunchie - If those online scanning programs are no good LOL, why'd you tell the other guy to run them? :)

Thanks guys


All those scanners are good, you just need to be using Internet Exploder to run them :).

Thank you


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