Yes! We got rid of it! NO MORE DIRTY DIRTY VIRUS! :D Thank you!

It was Ewido that destroyed it. It found about 173 things I think the number was. I fixed them all. After I had fixed them I ran spybot and Ad-aware (After updating them of course) And they both found about 10 problems. Fixed those too. I figured I should run those since a lot of other stuff might of gotten into my computer while I was infected from the virus. Should I still post my Ewido log? Should I run HJT and post that log too? A good reputation point for everyone who helped. Dlh6213 I still owe you one from the last time you helped me, but it said I needed to spread some rep around before I could give some to you.

EDIT:: I just sent out a bunch of rep, but it still says I need to spread around more till I can give it to Dlh6213. Sorry dad :rolleyes:.

Also, how do you make mozilla your default browser?

Glad to hear things are running properly again :)

Reboot into Safe Mode and scan with Ewido again; post the log from this scan with your next reply.

Reboot normally, close any open browser windows, scan with HJT and post a new log along with the Ewido log.

Open Firefox and go to Tools, Options..., General (icon on left side), go down to the Default Browser box, put a check in the box, and then click OK.

Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options..., and click on the Programs tab. Near the bottom of the window you should see "Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser," make sure the box is NOT checked, and click OK.

Open Firefox again, go to Tools, Options..., General; in the Default Browser box, click the Check Now button on the right side, and then click OK.

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