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Thanks for the link, but these tools are nowhere near as affective or accurate as the personal touch :).


"personal touch"

I was actually wondering how people evaluate these logs. It is mostly just using google, or a database of good/bad filenames?

Either way it's looking up each line individually one at a time, right?



At one time it was a case of investigating each entry on a case by case basis. Once you have gone through a few logs, you get to recognise the good from the bad.
I use several tools on my PC to process the logs. Each has a database of nasties. One in particular that I use I can actually add to the database each time I use it. Once a file has been marked as good or bad, those entries automatically show up in the 'fix.'
Of course, Google is always our friend :mrgreen:


A couple of them are not for public use, so cannot tell you much there. Spywareblaster can be used to identify bad 016 entries. Startup lists are available to identify both legitimate or otherwise files. Can be run from your own HD too.

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