Can someone knowledgeable please review my HJT log that I posted last night? I'm in a huge bind right now with work and need to get things resolved. Thanks very much!

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Be patient. People will help you when they can. Also, don't make junk threads (this is an example of a junk thread BTW).

Chris, as someone who runs a membership-based message board in a different interest area, I am aware of and try to be sensitive to protocol. If I were not truly desperate, I would not have posted again. My tech support did not show up and I have 50 clients in a web-based meeting room who are pre-paid and waiting on me every time I crash. I noticed other similar requests posted after mine that received assistance so wanted to make sure mine did not fall between the cracks.

If you are wanting immediate assistance and money is on the line, pay a consultant. This is a free forum that attempts to help everyone, but the people who are best able to help you with your problems do not have unlimited time or resources. If you want the best answers and not just random guesses, you have to wait for the people that are able to help you or pay consultants for their time and attention.

I believe I mentioned that I did hire a consultant-- and he did not show up. I have been scrambling to find someone else, but so far no one can come for at least a day or two. Forgive me, I know I am new on this board, but I have been polite, respectful, and in my opinion, appropriate. Your point is acknowledged, but you could possibly lighten up a bit. As I said, I thought my post might have "fallen between the cracks" or get overlooked, since several posted after mine received attention. Surely there are more deserving "offenders" for policing and reprimanding.

I'm sorry if I come off rude. I'm just giving you the facts so that you may resolve your situation as quickly as possible. A link to your thread may be helpful to someone who reads this thread. Anyone that is able to offer assistance, see this thread that contains the HJT log.

I'm nowhere near as good as some of these guys on fixing problems, so I defer to their superior abilities until I can understand situations as well as they can. Running some scans on your own while you wait may not be a bad idea however. There is a very good guide here that will run you through an array of scans and fixes. You may be thinking that you've run all of that before, but it is actually very beneficial to go through the guide top to bottom and follow all of its advice.

I'm inclined to think that your problem isn't due to a virus or other malware infection. It's very rarely that malware is the sole reason for crashes. If I were you, run "sfc /scannow" to make sure that the the core Windows files are not corrupted. After you run that scan, restart the computer in Recovery Console and run "chkdsk /r" to ensure that the drive doesn't have any corrupt data or sectors. If this doesn't fix the problem, you may have hardware issues, which are harder to diagnose.

OK- cool down people. You've both made valid points, but the facts are these:

1. No member's problem is more urgent than any other.

2. Posting additional "pleas for help" or "bumping" your thread might very well cause other members to ignore you. Such actions are often seen as selfish.

3. We do try to keep up on all of the posts to the best of our abilities. However:

a) We are more than a bit understaffed when it comes to helpers in the virus/spyware forum.

b) Most of us who do help in the virus/spyware forum have responsibilities in many of the other forums as well.

c) We helpers volunteer our sevices here on our own free time, of which we have very little.

Given the above, thread do "fall through the cracks", and threads are not always addressed in chronological order. We aren't perfect, but we all do try to do the best that we can.

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