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A person whom I work with, believes that his PC has caught a Virus / Nasty, since hooking his system to the Internet a few days ago. He described to me, that his system will boot, but has no function at all once it gets to the desktop, so he is unable to access the Start menu, or run any programs.

I know that you guys, usually would expect more information than this, but because I have no facility to download software at work, I would appreciate some advise from anyone who has dealt with a similar problem, so that I can be proactive in finding a quick resolution when he brings his system to work for me to look at.

I've already suggested to him, to try and access safe mode, and if this proves any better functionallity, it will obviously allow me to use the usual suspects of removal tools.

Otherwise I can only think of a complete format, and have offered to do this for him, but wondered if any of you might have a better suggestion, or any first steps?

Thanks for your time, David.