This is very strange, all my .jpg files are getting distorted, blured, changing to negative, somedays they seem fine, next time I open them, some are with lines, there seems to be something moving inside the photos, whatever it is, only affects pic files for now, I have run AVG, Norton Antivirus, Web root Spy Sweeper, to no avail. Any suggestions.

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You should not have two active anti-virus programs, on your computer, at the same time. This could cause problems, and is perhaps yours, if you have them both on at the same time. If it were my computer, and because I hate Norton, I would remove it, however, AVG is easier to remove. Norton is a resource hog, and you need to downlaod a special program to remove it, so it is your decision.

The problem started a couple of weeks ago, and I only installed Norton Antivirus yesterday to try to see if it could find any virus, etc. so I believe is not from the two antivirus

You still only want one AV program, otherwise you may experience major conflicts.

Are you running XP? Go to, My Computer/r-click on C: drive/Select properties/Select check for errors. Also, Defrag you hard drive, in Safe Mode, with your screensaver off.

Thank you, I did defrag the drive, I actually changed it to another drive, but the problem still persists, one very strange thing is the pictures actually change every time I view them, and I tend to think there is some kind of virus at work. I am wondering what antivirus could resolve this problem.

What operating system are you using? How much memory (RAM) do you have in your computer? How many progams do you have starting at bootup? How many program icons are present in the lower right hand corner of the Task Bar?

If you truly believe it is a virus, and you are using WinXP or Win2000, then you could try scanning with Ewido.
You can download a trial version of Ewido here:

Be sure you update it before using it, and when it finds a problem, be sure to select the check box to do the same action (clean) when it finds a problem, otherwise, you will have to click continue, to keep scanning with every problem it finds.

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