My computer is spazzing out. Its clicking on anything and everything launching a bunch of applications and typing random letters in any search it sees. I ran a complete virus scan using avast free. No virus came up but this feel like a virus. How do I get rid of it and have my computer working normal again?

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You could try to download Malwarebytes and run a Quick Scan to see if it finds anything.

Hi andynov123, welcome to daniweb. You need to follow all of the steps given on our Read Me Sticky and post back here with all the requested logs.

I didn't mean to step on any toes here. Sorry about that. I didn't realize what kind of forum this was. I followed andynov123's post from Twitter. I'll leave the help to the experts. Sorry again!

No worries yvonne, MBA-M is one of the tools we do use often here. Asking all posters to begin with the Read Me sticky steps is the best way for all posters here to begin. Can sometimes solve problems completely and if not these tools are the best way to begin cleaning and help narrow down what we may be dealing with.

yes I agree use MBAM. Fully scan your PC then delete any found virus maybe its a malware that affecting your PC. Also run a CCleaner. :) this is a great forum site yvonne..just explore around and you will find some answer.. :)

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