Here is my Free anti-malware software that I used in my computer:

Free antivirus software
AVG Free Edition 2011
Good protection from a reputable vendor. What I especially like about this software is that it stays updated and scans in the background. Little user intervention is needed.

Free spyware removal download
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Need to get rid of spyware? My current favorite malware detection and removal software is MalwareBytes. It is a free spyware removal tool, and they do have a pro version that you can consider.

Free software to clean up temp files, and other surfing trails and debris.
It is an application designed to optimize the performance of your PC by cleaning Windows registry regularly.
Get rid of all those unnecessary files that slow your computer in just seconds.

What yours Free anti-malware software. Share it here. :)

Microsoft Security Essentials.

Very simple and easy to use, free-ware, only available when using a genuine version of windows.

@portgas d. ace..thanks for your sharing:)

malwarebytes antimalware