I'm still looking into why I keep getting redirected to paid ads sites when clicking on Google search page links. When clicking a link from the results page for any sites listed in those results, I find it strange that the first time I click it it redirects to an unrelated paid ad site. Yet when I close the new window/tab and click on the same link a second time it actually works.

Well those are the symptoms, so if anyone is familiar I would like to hear from.

And yes I did start a thread about this once before and after refusing to follow "orders" received several citations. I am still investigating the redirects and frankly suspect that it has something to do with Google does no evil, but to eliminate the possibility of malware I did eventually try the routines recommended at the start of this post, which brings me to the first question here...

Just what is expected of the GMER Rootkit Scanner? What does it do?

The reason I ask is because after letting it run on a brand new quad core with a mirror raid and Windows 7 it crashed the computer. Upon restart, file structures needed to be repaired. So I didn't get a chance to save the scan log and guess what, I am definitely not going run that software again on this computer.

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Welcome back :icon_evil:. Care to post any logs this time? If not, same deal applies.

As I already said, I didn't get a chance to save the GMER Rootkit Scanner log. After disconnecting from the internet and leaving it to scan for 6 hours only to result in a crash which could have resulted in the loss of 12 years of research and development, I'm running not that app ever again. I felt lucky to have restored the data but still lost a day in production time.

But I have been looking through the recent posts and there seems to a be a lot posts describing similar problems. It's a pity there is no record of what the cause was and what was done to fix it.

As far as I can see, there is a heck of a lot of talk and not much action.
I am sure that a person as particular as yourself would have the entire PC backed up for occasions that call for them, yes?
GMER was not the only required tool to run either, as you know.

Actually this new PC was to solve a problem where the resources and backups were being assembled/stored on too many computers. Some data came from storage drives and some reclaimed from a PC that failed, so I don't want to have go through that again.

It's interesting to note that another new computer running Windows 7 within a Parallels virtual on a Mac computer has the same problem with redirects, and it's had nothing installed that could possibly be infected.

Hmmm... just a new browser window pop up for gamesville.com while writing this post. Is this an advertiser on the DaniWeb site?

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