Good day,

I got a virus problem in the computer that I'm fixing. I didn't have take noted the type of virus. But after i scanned and cleaned the disk the file won't open. It made a folder or recovery folder. As i remember it like a sality virus. I tried to transfer the files before I scanned but when i copy the files the virus is the one that being saved not the folder itself or files. I wan't to recover those files.

Any useful help is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much

We need a lot more information than you have provided.What operating system? What tools did you use to clean the computer with and do they have logs? I fso we would need to see those logs. Wiithout knowing what infection it was and exactly what and how steps were run we are at a handicap here.
What file is it that you are trying to open? If the virus keeps reloading from the back up files made then this means those are infected also and would have to be cleaned BEFORE placing them back onto the computer. Since you saved the infection itself, placing the recovering those files may not be possible as the infection may have corrupted them beyond recovering.