hi guys, any ideas on how to remove the malware on a hidden partition?
i believe the malware resides on the hidden partition.

because i did a system factory reset, when i boot the laptop. There's already a word document on the load folder. (which i never created) and by right it should be empty because it's a system factory reset.

any tricks to remove the malware from the factory hidden partition?

it's a lenovo laptop. any help is greatly appreciated.


I've had to remove such for clients of mine. I use a Linux system with 2 or 3 different virus scanners when someone has these problems. The virus may have also infected the boot loader. In any case, running a Windows scanner will likely not totally remove this critter. On my Linux system, when I scan a Windows drive (I remove them from the client's system, plug them into a drive dock connected to my Linux system) I scan with ClamAV (good open source scanner), f-prot (industrial strength scanner), and McAfee for Linux. Each will find stuff the others don't. I especially look for things they ALL agree is a virus, and if 2 of the 3 agree, that also gets special consideration. Then, after removing the infected cruft, there is the matter of restoring the system to operational status. This is difficult when the recovery (hidden) partition for Windows has infected components. I keep a clean set available for a number of versions so I can restore the bad parts. As a professional, this is how I deal with these problems, and I have never had a client come back with the system still infected. I usually give them "the talk" about good network browsing habits, and such.

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