hope someond can help me with this.

rather strange things happening with my AVG email scanning feature.

I have disabled the email scanner because it disrupts other running processes, so it only scans incoming email.

However, lately, even while my Outlook Express is not running, i keep getting the pop up grey box which says it's connecting to an IP address (i'll not display that here)

I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to these things, but how do i find out what the IP address is?

Also, another grey box keeps popping up with the message connecting to something else which doesn't look like an IP address, but finishes with dslnet.de

Can anyone explain all this in simple language?

thanks in advance


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i have never used AVG, so Im not sure how it updates itself, but perhaps its connecting to that IP to download updates?


thank you.

i don' think it is for updates as it's only recently started to do it. Also i have just turned off my peer 2 peer client and it's stopped. i have also just disabled the plugin for the scanner as it was popping up every 30 seconds or so, and it was that that was so unusual.

I suppose i just want to know whether it's someone wanting to access my computer rather than AVG trying to connect to somehwere else.


You may have something else like a virus on you're computer. You could post a HiJack This log and we could take a look at it for you.

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