A couple of day ago, my norton anti virus alerted me that my comp had been infected by a trojan horse virus. It could not delete it but pointed me to in the director

C://windows/system 32/winlgs32.dll

Am unable to delete it manually.

I have windows XP service Pack 2, 256 MB RAM.

Have tried checking on the Net to find out what virus it is but can't find any winlgs32.dll . Can anyone help me with this? What is the name of the virus and how do I delete it.

First download PocketKillBox

Download pocket killbox from http://www.thespykiller.co.uk/files/killbox.exe & put it on the desktop where you can find it easily.

Now Start killbox Copy the list of files below to the clipboard by selecting all of them with your mouse (Left click the start of the list and drag the mouse to the bottom of the list) and when they are all selected ( highlighted in blue) right click on any part of the blue area and say copy

In the Killbox, Go to the toolbar press file and select Paste from clipboard. The first file name will appear in the window and if the file exists it will appear in blue under that window then select standard file kill, press the red X button, say yes to the prompt and once the file deleted message comes up then press the red X again and continue to press untill the last file on the list appears in the window & it says deleted.

File list:

C:\windows\system 32\winlgs32.dll


That should take care of the file you said you could not delete. But there still is a chance you are still infected. If you want to make sure you are 100% clean. Please Download hijackThis. Extract it to its own folder. Then run it and select. Do system scan and save log. Post the contents of the log that pops up.

We will then work from there.


Before I tried your suggestion, I uninstalled Norton AV 2005 and set up Mcafee Virus scan 7.1. It detected and deleted the file.

Tks a lot anyway

Your welcome. Glad you got it all woked out :)