PLease I hear of viruses, Spyware and other Nasties.I really dont know how it works. Anyone with an idea or a very good knowledge should be please take me on it. I will be highly grateful. Thanks

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Try to ask normally.
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This is not a simple subject. Start with some appropriate Google searches and read a lot of the resulting articles.


if you want to know about the Viruses/spyware/etc then
this is not specific to type here.
as there are many types of viruses and all.
if you get to the wikipedia for viruses then you will find lots of virus description...
This is not helpfull to us untill we want to create the Anti virus.
the vireuses and all are classified in various field:
Trojen horse, Win32 virus etc...
ehile trojen horse delete the imp file and create shotcuts of 1kb and all that and many more....

So i advice you to go for Wikipedia.
If you are using Avast Antivirus then click on Virus information You will find atleast 5-6 viruses from initial letter (ex: a, b, c, d, ... x, y, z)


It's amazing what you will find if you simply type your question into Google and search it. Forums are not the place for general questions.
If you want to learn about viruses, surf a few porn sites.


BitBox, Tails, MalwareBytes, HTTPS everywhere, Script blocker. Google 'em all. They can protect as long as you keep these up to date.

Look @author I am stupid enough to understand you. But they can't. Next time for your question appropriately.


1) Don't watch porn
2) Don't play flash games
3) install Malwarebytes
4) install antivirus (Avast is decent free antivirus)

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