I believe you have already addressed the issue of the Facebook/Myspace picture request virus, but in my case while the virus was being sent to my buddies I was able to turn off the computer to keep it from being sent to all of them. Well, at the time this seemed like the right thing to do, but now as I sit here on my laptop with the internet hooked up to it temporarily I have my regrets. I can get to the boot menu on my computer, where I can hit f2 or f12, but after that the screen will basically go blank. Any ideas on what is wrong and how I might be able to fix the problem? :\


Someone please help, I've had this topic up on 2 forums for over a day and got no help.

Can you boot the PC into Safe Mode?
Here's how to boot into Safe Mode:-

Restart (or switch ON) the PC. Then, keep tapping the F8 Key. From the menu that will be displayed, out of which choose Safe Mode and press Enter.

I tapped f8 the entire time it was running about 3 times, it doesn't do anything until after the second screen, where it beeps like it can't do it, then it goes silent when the screen goes black.

Can you go past the BIOS messages screen? That is, do you get the "Boot Menu" (which contains options like "Safe Mode", "Normal Mode", "Last Known Good Configuration" etc) when you press F8?

Probably, choosing Last Known Good Configuration option might help. It restores the system to a previous date. Here's how to do it:

When the computer loads, first it has a screen that shows that my video card is working and some other junk. Then it goes to the loading screen where I can press F2 for options and F12 for boot menu. The Boot Device Menu is as follows"

Boot Device Menu

1. Normal
2. Primary Master Drive
3. Diskette Drive
4. Hard-Disk Drive C:
5. IDE CD-ROM Device

6. System Setup
7. IDE Drive DIagnostics
8. Boot to Utility Partition

Enter a choice: 1

That's it. No F8, no safe mode. I've tried all of these options and the ones that had anything to do with turning the computer on went to a black screen.

Ok, the one problem with all of this is that F8 does absolutely nothing for me. Should I reinstall windows? Take the computer somewhere? What?