Hi there,
I have a big problem and I need help. Yesterday as I sat on my pc a strange program called Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 appeared. It says it's an antivirus and shows up the following message:
"System hijack! System security threat was detected. Viruses and/or spyware may be damaging your system now. Prevent infection and data loss or stealing by running a free security scan."
I have not installed it and it shows up for a first time, so I don't know what to do. It looks suspicious for it's 2014 now and the program is out of date. Can it be a virus and how can I remove it?
Thanks in advance.

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Thank you so much for your help. I was searching in google for some removal guides and I found this article http://www.xp-vista.com/spyware-removal/snap-do-removal There are some step by step instructions that I followed.
They recommend installing an Anti-Malware program and I'll try out the one you suggested. Hope it helps.
Is the first link free?

Yes, the online scanner is free to use. If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to post. :)
Don't install the program recommended in the link you posted. The instructions given at that site won't help for your infection.

OK. I'll try it. Thanks for your help :)

Hi.no need to be worry you can go to control panel and uninstall it. Download and install Optimo AV antivirus. which will protect your system and make it secure. Thanks

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