My flash drive has always performed as expected in numerous PCs that I have used it on. Starting yesterday I have been experiencing a problem on every PC I have tried it on (all Win XP). When I insert the USB drive, the drive shows up in Windows Explorer with the appropriate volume label and all files are visible. After about 30 seconds the volume label changes to "Removable Disk (E:)" and the files are no longer accessible. After the change, the properties tab shows zero files/zero disk space used. I can remove and re-insert and the process starts all over again. I disabled auto-play with the same outcome. Can anyone help me to assess whether or not I have a virus?

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Plz download HJT from here.
Extract the content to a permanent folder such as C:\HJT or something similar. Run the program. Choose the option to scan your computer. When it finishes there should be an option that says save log. This will save the log and open up a notepad file. Copy and paste the contents in your next post.

please help me urgent with my problem
i insert my flash memory but when i click to removable disk (E:) it says please insert disk.

What will I do?

Just a thought but you may want to check your services and see if you have the services that concern recognition of new hard drive volumes set to automatic.

Depending on the type of device it could be one of 3 different services-

go to Start>Control Panel>Performance and Maintenance>Administrative Tools>Services
When services window pops up hit the tab near the top that says "extended"

Scroll down to Logical Disk Manager and see if to the right of the service it says automatic and started if not right click to open context menu go to Properties, then select Automatic, then hit the start button, hit "apply" and then "OK"

Secondly check Logical Disk Management Service and note if it is automatic-you do not have to start as this is a service that only turns on when needed.

Then check to see that Plug and Play is started, and automatic, if not, do like above

Then check to see the same with Universal Plug and Play Host for the same as above

Just in case make sure that Plug and Play is automatic- It does not have to be started.

You may need to restart for this to take effect but I do not think that is necessary as the services were switched on from this procedure. Setting all of these to automatic will make it find support for these devices and to accept them without external drivers.

I would also check the manufacturer's website and look under downloads or drivers as maybe your computer needs an additional driver that should be available at the site.

If all else fails download the driver for your OS (version of windows) anyway and install. sometimes these mass produced flash drives and usb storage are not very thorough with instructions.

I fixed one weirdly by right clicking over the MY computer icon for the drive and selecting INSTALL- nothing told me to do that but for whatever reason it worked.
Ah technology....

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My jump drive dont work any more' all it say now is please inserrt a disk into drive I' and it is doing that to all the comeputers I tryed' but they all XP

I dowloaded a movie / video. When I wanted to play it, it says " Insert a CD in drive C". What do I do? Do I have a download any software?

I dowloaded a movie / video. When I wanted to play it, it says " Insert a CD in drive C". What do I do? Do I have a download any software?

You start your own thread, Preferably in the correct forum :).

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