can anyone please help me:

I have a sony viao laptop and recently it has slowed down nealry to a holt and anysound that the computer makes is like a dvd when it skips, this includes shut down sound, music, dvd and anything else.

this is what i have done so far and none of it has helped:
>complete system restore
>complete defragmentation
>removed any save files such as jpeg, word docs and anything else to an external hard drive
>run full virus checks
>run full spyware checks
>emptied all temp folders, cookies and things like that

none of it has made the slightest bit of difference to my machine.

can anyone please help me ????????????

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Download HiJackThis from here.

Make a new folder called HJT in the C: directory(C:\HJT) Extract the zip contents to that folder. Run HJT and select the scan option. After it finishes scanning there should be a save log button. Once clicked it should open up a notepad file with the log. Copy and Paste the contents of the note pad file in your next reply.

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