I just got another box from Trend Micro, it was with the SPYW IEPATCH.A, here it is: c:\SystemVolumeInformation\_restore {FFC2FDBO=228C-4CAB-A523-3CEBD208EF91}\RP138\AOO27867.exe

How can I get rid of this please??? I am so stumped it's pathetic, I had reformatted my computer within the last month. Trend Micro tells me to do an emergency lock but if I do that then I can't go online at all. No matter what program I try, nothing is finding it and I have no idea what names to look for in my c drive. I really would appreciate it if someone can help me. Thanks!!

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Please post within the one thread or you can have ppl answering both your threads & it gets confusing. Thanx.
You will need to switch off system restore, do the scan & then create a new restore point. ALL previous restore points will be lost.
Probably not a bad idea to post a hijackthis log too.

EDIT. As I said, it gets confusing. I have now gone to look at your other thread & seen the HJT log there. I will do your log so better to keep to that thread.

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