wHEN I FIRST LOG ONTO my screename for windows xp, i get a box saying

error loading C:/windows/downloaded program files/Bridge.

the specific module could not be found.

then there is an hour glass next to the arrow(sometimes flashing+not when anything is loading).

when i log off i get

the application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down


WTOOLSA.EXE-DLL initialization failed.

please help end this annoyance

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Have you recent installed or uninstalled anything?

You could also try this little program to clear up the problem, but I will still look into the issue when I get off work.

This Little Program :p


Try doing a search for "bridge.dll" in the forum. This topic has been discussed a number of times.

I believe the general concensus here is that "Bridge" is related in some way or other to spyware...


I believe the general concensus here is that "Bridge" is related in some way or other to spyware...

Yeah, it definitely is. It's at least related to the Golden Palace/Gold Casino" malware packages, might be a component of other malicious programs as well.

Moving to the Security forum- you'll find the fix for the bridge.dll problem in many of the threads there.


what did u do to get rid of this problem i have the same problemm man... iam just exsausted... i have done everything to try to fix.. it but i can''t what can i do.. man what have u done to fix it well. reply back if u have a solution.. for me.. thankz bye



We ask that members not tag their questions on to a thread already started by another member. When multiple questions start getting asked within a single thread it can quickly get confusing to follow which answers relate to which question. This is known as "thread hijacking", and it isn't really fair to the original thread-starter, as it take the focus away from his/her question.

You need to start your own thread for your question here in the security forum.

Thanks for understanding... :)

- Dave

By the way: when you do post your new thread, please give us as much information as possible concerning the nature of the problem or problems and what fixes you've tried so far. That will help us get you a solution more quickly.

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