Hello! This month I had to take my computer in for an overhaul because I had a lot of malicious adware in it that we couldn't quite solve. But now, it's a complete mess. The only techs in town (I live in a small town) left some adware in that Adaware took care of as I followed some of Crunchie's advice. They said I had a worm and that they took care of it and try as I may, Norton finds nothing. But the machine keeps crashing. In the middle of the day, I get messages such as this one:

Rundll32 has caused an error in ILSETUP.DLL Rundll32 will now close

Rundll32 has caused an error in BPIEN.DLL Rundll32 will now close

Explorer has caused an error in UCBUI.DLL Explorer will now close

WinWord has caused an error in MS097.DLL WinWord will now close

I just got another one as I was typing this!

Rundll32 has caused an error in IQFRARED.DLL Rundll32 will now close

I have to restart the computer a couple of times a day because it freezes. It returns my emails as undeliverable, it claims not to have resources, it hybernates upon turning on in the morning, forcing me to do hard boots, and it's just a complete mess.

Since Norton claims that I don't have a virus, nor a trojan, nor a worm, what can be causing all this?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! :D

You could still have any number of spyware/adware/hijackware programs (or at least pieces of them) still in your system.

I'm moving this to the Security forum- read through the posts there to learn how use not only Ad Aware, but SpyBot, CWShredder, HijackThis, and a few of the other free and effective detection and removal tools that are available for download.

Run Ad Aware, SpyBot, and CWShredder one right after the other and allow them to fix everything they find. Also- it's a good idea to reboot after running each program. See if they clear things up.

If not, run HijackThis according to the instructions crunchie has posted in numerous threads but just do a scan and post the results. DOn't have it fix anything yet!!

Thank you DMR! I'm getting more and more Rundll32 errors and have to do several restarts a day to get my owrk done. (New errors popped up today.) I will run the anti-spyware software thou the last time, it seemed to have taken care of what I had, I wonder if some of my files aren't corrupted. Is there any way to correct errors on the Rundll32 files? I'll run the software suggested in the meantime.

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