:mrgreen: :mrgreen: hi guys! i am having a problem 'bout my pc. when i double click my drive c:/ and drive d:/ (partitioned hard drive) it does not open. i have to right click and explore or open it to view the drive's directory. i am using xp sp2. when i continue double clicking the drives, wscript.exe starts poping on the Processes in my Task Bar making my pc work pretty much slow. but this does not apply on anny other drives. i can open directly my drive a:/, f:/ and e:/ on a double click. i had scan my pc with the latest avg(free edition) and avira(free edition) but there was no detection. pls help me guys! thank you!:sad: :-|

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Hey totengtoh...I am currently having the same problem with my machine and I happened across your post. I have dug in to my PC alitte bit and found that the problem lies within a little script called "voda.dll.vbs". It should be in your "winpath"...your "windows" folder. Don't click on it! Right click and open it with either notepad or wordpad. This will show you "the source code" for the program...or at least some of it. It creates a "autorun" batch file in your permanent drives. When you right click and explore your drives that it is effecting you should see the autorun file. Your Internet Explorer should also be showing a different title at the top....something like "Taga AUP Ako ---v---o---d---a--" Let me know if you are still having a problem with this thing and I will try to help you remove it.

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