I have tried the whole gamet to get rid of a nasty hijacker,


I have tried Spybot,HijackThis, Adaware and every other thing I can think of to get rid of these guys. The program seems to reload itself every time I shut down and restart the computer. This program also puts junk in my favorites box every time explorer is opened. :rolleyes:

Does anyone have the answer?

This has been driving me nuts all day long and it just wont go away.

I thank anyone in advance if they can help me with this issue :)

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Download CWShredder from here & run it. Select the fix button & it will get rid of everything related to CoolWebSearch that is stored in it's database. Close ALL windows, including IE, before running CWShredder. Reboot.

To help prevent this from happening again, install the patches for the vulnerabilities that this hijacker exploits by going here for your critical updates.

Reboot after doing this & post another log please.


I also tried shredder and it still didnt work. Every time I rebot my computer the hijack turns up again. When I restart the file auto loads and I get my home page redirected and junk in my favorites. I also cant find the file on the computer anywhere it is somehow hidden. I thank you in advance again for your help.


Any-find is a CWS infection. ALL windows MUST be closed B4 running it, this includes folder windows. Still have problems do the same in safe mode. instructions here

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