My cpu is sending continuous data to my server . It's like 25 bytes per second which is in odd proportion to the data sent to mine . I'm running morpheous and there are currently 57 downloads choosen but only two being downloaded and uploading is disabled . i have a pwsteal.trojan in my computer and nortan anti-virus says that it can't cure mslaugh.exe / the blaster worm for some reason . i have temporarilily disabled the worm by changing the restart the computer to take no action ...help

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Hello CamelN,
please follow the instructions on this site (click here) to remove the blaster.E virus and use TrojanHunter to get rid of any trojans. (click here)
And for residual ware try running and updating Ad-aware6.0 (click here). Installing and updating Spybot (click here), thats should patch things up and also have you downloaded every security patch from windows update?

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