Bwahahahaha. Where is my post? It only lived for a couple of hours. Well, have fun peepel, this is not what I call "Forum" where posts are just deleted by the admin at will.

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What exactly was your post?... you've only had two posts, surely you didn't cause that much havoc so soon :)


That's what is funny about it, lol. I think I am some kind of terririst now, hehehe

PS: I think he is just jelous ;o)


The thread that goga is referring to is this one: [thread]7330[/thread]

I had just deleted it and was just about to PM goga indicating so, because I didn't realize that he was providing a link to any external page. I thought the post made absolutely no sense because it wasn't attached to any other thread.

I just saw this thread, and then went back and noticed that there was a link after all. Therefore, the thread has been undeleted. I'm sorry for the mix-up - it was an accident! In the future, goga, feel free to PM me about issues like this - I'm always here to help.

Incidently, I'm a she ;) hehe


That was quick, LOL, that's what I call a REAL forum for real peepel, hehehe. Thanks, I was a little surprized why thogh. No problems, I am here to help as well (I hope;)

PS: Incidently, I have to apologize, your highness ;)


Great :) Thank you for your help to these security-related bugs. Basically I just didn't realize that the word "this" was a link to some other page. So I was in the middle of writing you a PM saying "I think you meant this to be a reply to some other thread because it doesn't make sense on its own" when I noticed this thread! So then I went and double-checked and saw how it was a link.


Your majesty, you were harsh on yourself. It is more like busy helping others, which is a very royal thing :)


Hey Dani, I think you should make a new 'flirt' forum :P

Just kidding, please don't hurt me.


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