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Usually when mods and admins post a link to suggestions on how to get help : "Before asking us for help, try some of the suggestions in this thread:"

it usually means they dont know,( well in this particular situation anyway, here I go time to get flamed by the admins... bring it on!) that is why I am here, I will help you.

I blocked the e-catalog url in his firewall( you dont have to do this but I do)

of course you tried a bunch of spyware applications they didnt work right?
a client of mine had this problem with that !@!@#!@# e-catalog, none of the spyware apps out there could remove it, hijack this did detect and did clean it out but e-catalog came back, and I wasnt going to try every spyware removal tool out there( usuually the best one I found was webroots spysweeper) They only solution is manual removal, which can be tricky.

My solution for you (which worked for my client)

on the top of the window click edit>find put in e-catalog in the field labeled "find what", on the bottom unclick "match whole string only" then hit find, it will take you to the first e-catalog infection(after you finish hit F3 to continue searching) change the e-catalog url to www.google.ca(thats what I used,) then hit F3 to find all e-catalog infections. and thats it your done.

very important back up the registry first.

TO PREVENT FURTHER INFECTIONS: you can install spyware blaster, or spysweer and they do a continuous system monitor.

THE BEST WAY TO PREVENT: use mozilla or firefox as your browsers or your alternate browsers( for when your going to those "nasty sites" we all know what I am talking about.)

take care, if you need any more help with anything ASK ME FIRST not the mods or admins.

Papa Smurf



My startpage is hijacked by a website called www.e-catalog.org, can't get ride of it.



Hi. The real reason you are asked to follow links is not because we do not know, but because we ask that you try remedies that have worked successfully without having to repeat the same process over again.
With most spy/malware, the same fix can be applied to all users.
Our advice here is to first run the general spyware removal tools, then if the problem persists we can take a look at fixing it with hijackthis or other specific removal tools.
Try the link in my signature first on what to do first, then post back please. We are here to help, not flame :) .


Hear hear on what crunchie says.

I get paid all day to remove spyware. When I'm doing it in my spare time, I prefer to rely on resources that either I, or other members, have come up with. Since the help that you're getting here is free, it is to your benefit to use us more as an "encyclopaedia" of sorts, not so much as a quick fix for everything.

However, by providing a fix specific to the issue, you have increased the available body of knowledge greatly. It's posts like yours that we mods refer to when people ask the same question over and over! If you want to answer the same question 10, 20, 30 times, by all means, let people ask you before asking us! ;)


Hello Papa Smurf,

You wrote out pretty clear instructions on how to work regedit, but failed to tell the user on how to backup the registry. Your post is incomplete.

As an administrator, I have links setup to answer common questions too, and have taken the time to proofread what I publish, avoiding the attitude and the issue of missing information as best as I can.

Help is always welcome; attitude is best checked at the door.



Usually when mods and admins post a link to suggestions on how to get help...it usually means they dont know...

here I go time to get flamed by the admins... bring it on!

take care, if you need any more help with anything ASK ME FIRST not the mods or admins.

If you're in the mood to insult and disobey the rules, then I suggest you go elsewhere. Those three comments weren't necessary. No one insulted you. The rules say not to flame or post material that might start a flame. Please read them and obey them.

The rules are found here: http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/faq.php?faq=daniweb_faq#faq_rules
I could care less what you think about me. The thing I care about is that people follow the rules and we have a good community.

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