My IE has recently been hijacked by Prosearching. I was browsing the forums and saw that the recommended advice is to dl Hijack This and then paste the log here. Let me know if this is still the recommended approach.

As a side note, I had recently run a program called No Adware, which could have possibly been spyware in disguise.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Hi & welcome. It is recommended that you first run both Adaware & spybot after updating them. Following that, if the problem persists, you may then post an HJT log upon request :) . So, if you do still have problems subsequent to running those programs, please post your log.
Have moved this to the appropriate forum.

Thanks for the info Crunchie! Do you have any links handy for Adaware and spybot?


If you check in some of the other threads, there should be links to what you are looking for. Also, I came across that NoAdware too, and was informed on here that it is possibly spyware itself, and not to use it. :)

Ah, that figures. :( Thanks for the advice deonna!


From what I've learned on here, if you stick with the programs that they suggest, such as Adaware, Spybot, and CWShredder, you should be fine. :) I had no idea that some of the programs that they say will help you are actually suspicious either until a few days ago. And no problem....I wish I could be more help! :)

Good news! The tag-team effort of Adaware and Spybot cleaned my system.

Thx for everybody's advice.