i dont know how it got on my pc?but i cant uninstall the file perfect keylogger all i can find is the dll.bpkhk.dll in windows but i cant uninstall it.i took every thing out of the registry but the bpkhk.dll keeps showing up in windows32.eny help to uninstall would be greatlly appreciated :sad: :sad:

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Here's the product's home page. http://www.blazingtools.com/bpk.html

Scroll down to the bottom of the version comparison table and click on the link to the product documentation and FAQ. The FAQ includes instructions for removal. If you mucked about with Registry entries, you might need to download and reinstall the program before it will uninstall successfully.

Moving to the new Security forum; that's where questions concerning hacks, spyware, hijackware, and other such issues should go from now on. :)

Just be mindful, however, that 'Perfect Keylogger' isn't 'Spyware' in the usual sense. It's a commercially distributed program, designed for monitoring the PC usage of, for example, people on a workplace network, or children in the home.

If it's been remotely installed on your system via the internet, then for starters your system security is lax, and for seconds, it's a particularly nasty, specific and deliberate act that should be reported to authorities.

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