Hi, I just found this forum and it looks good. A lot of helpful people here.

Here's my problem right now. Yesterday I was trying to clean up my computer a little bit after I noticed it slowing down a bit. I went through msconfig and disabled several programs that I didn't want runing on startup. Then after reboot this thing appeared. I don't know how to get rid of it. Its not in the add/remove programs. I ran ad-aware twice and it didn't get rid of it. See pic below:



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In addition to running Ad-Aware, try running SpyBot. Sometimes one catches something the other doesn't. Let us know what happens after that.

What exactly does the search bar say? I tried clicking your link, and it came up dead.


I'm not sure why the link is not working for you. I uploaded it here as an attachment. It doesn't seem like its doing any harm, just very annoying. I'll try spybot when I get home. Thanks.


I fixed the problem myself after doing some more research. Ended up there's a program hiding in the add/remove programs called WindowsSA.

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