on my laptop theres this problem..all starts normally ..on the bar appear the usual trace icons of my start up list...then after around 1-2 min the pc starts automatically to use up more and more cpu without any appearing application running..in the task manager no application running ..when i check which processes run i see a huge list of them that seems to be normal except of a svchost.exe that is under user SYSTEM and uses 90-99% of the cpu , blocking anything else that i try to do...this doesnt allow me anything else but to terminate this process..when i do that the cpu usage goes back to normal and the pc responds again..now since i guess that the svchost.exe normally runs in every pc i suspected a trojan of some kind behind it...run scan with ad aware se personal build 1.06r1 and it showed only some low risk adware..run a scan with Spybot-search & destroy 1.4 and it also some Hb Tools crap that upon deletion didnt solve the problem ..also showed some hkey stuff that i dont dare to delete in case it affects the system..
so then i run a scan with nod32 version 2256 that also didnt solve anything ..then with the avg antiviral that is recomended here which showed some adware stuff and a trojan coming from the nod32 (!) ...anyhow all the detected stuff has been deleted and yet the problem is always there...any ideas on what next ????

just cos you can, shutdown windows automatic updates via control panel security centre. Restart, and tell us what happens.

this is so odd..i ve dl windows defender..today it actually managed to update ....(as i was still only able to work by ending the svchost.exe the update of windows and w. defender was impossible) ....somehow the problem today didnt happen...now the cpu usage doesnt boost up anymore and i dont have to end the svchost.exe...it all runs preety normally....
i really dont know what happened but it looks allright again...perhaps that weird trojan that avg discovered in the nod32 folder? somtehing else that got removed by the programs that ive installed? ....by the way yesterday night the problem look like it was still ther ..even after i had run the online kaspersky antivirus scan posted here which had prooved nothing...anyhow...

*should i still shut down the windows automatic upodates?
*i am really wondering wht on earth has happened..and would really like to know how did it get solved as suddenly as it appeared in the first place....
*any firther actions i should take to prevent this? i feel armed like a panzer with all these programs running now......
* i even thought about opening the laptop case from the rear and check for dust on the hardware ....overheating through dust accumulation ??? can that be an explanation???

Automatic updates.... my microsoft updates is shutdown, my windows updates is on notify only. Windows updates is the important security issue one - I dl the ones I need. What you do is up to you, but if it's working.. let sleeping dogs lie.

looks like gates did it again;) i found the source of the problem ...stupid automatic updates runs and looks whenever online for some updates that dont exhist and it runs for like ten minutes or so ....using up all of the cpu of course and blocking anything else.....one can either shutdown automatic updates or dl this patch by microsoft.com WindowsXP-KB927891-v3-x86.exe and keep updates on !!

man and i was about ready to format ...i "love " windows...tststst

Stan, I put these two posts into another thread:
If you do not use M$ apps like office etc then restrict your updating to Windows updates only - this results in you getting security updates only.
If you are interested in this then go programs > microsoft update, when the web page loads hit settings? and make your selection there.

What i hoped would be understood is that Microsoft Updates is just gee-gaws for M$ apps. They are not [generally] vital ... they certainly are not fixes for security issues. Those are in Windows Updates. So you don't need MU running constantly.
Further, as far as WU goes, in your security centre make the setting to Notify you when they are available. Don't panic about this, M$ will notify you every time you turn your sys onto the net until you dl or cancel them.