Oh i just type this damn thing up spent a good 15 minutes and a stupid popup thing changed the page i was on so now i have to do it again a bit frustrated i am for sure. Malwar seems to me to be a scam for those damn spyware removers that dont really work as far as i can tell they just blowin smoke up my but for $30 + dollars. well i have triied just abought everything to get rid of that stupid popup malware virus,and even deleting .dlls and reprograming and exporting my registry does nothing. The only thing that has actually worked to get rid of it is formating my computer, but doing that every 2 weeks is not something i would like to do. :mad: What i really would like to know is were that dang loader is for it and how i can change it,block it, get rid of it for ever. its annouing me very badly. :( so if anyone can give me some direction on how i can tottle block this popup virus that no virus protection programs even acknowlage as being a virus. I know this is a bit jumbled but i am pritty frustrated at the moment becouse that thing keeps screewing my computer up and i am just abought to format it again, which i really perfer not to do. HELP ME PLZ. and though i want to preview this to make sure i have everything in the right place and i am not putting usless stuff in like this i can not do to fear another one of those webpage changing popups will intrupt what i am doing :!:

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It seems that you are very frustrated. I am assuming that you are using Windows something, but as you did not specify what you are actually using, it limits what we can say about it.

Couple considerations:

1) Switch to Linux. Escape anything written for Microsoft. This is not to be taken lightly, but Linux has a lot going for it. You can use the internet. You can use your printer (unless it is something really weird!). You can type letters, and save them.

2) If you have to remain with Windows, FORMAT, re-install, and patch. Find a different web browser besides IE. Use Mozilla or Opera. Install antivirus.

3) Tell Mozilla / Firebird to block popup windows. Some sites might not work with it, but well, that is the price of protection.

4) If you are on a cable modem / DSL line, install and configure the firewall properly.

5) If you are into warez, or serial numbers, stay away from the websites that offer that information! Just as a wim, I built a Windose box and went to one of those sites, and caught something. All within 15 minutes.

6) Don't open attachments from email.

It is possible to be on the internet and not get infected / distorted. My Mac and Linux systems have been doing it for several years now. Windows people will need to be more diligent with IE, as a lot more attacks are geared for them. No operating system is perfect; to remain completely clean, unplug from the internet.



oh yeah sorry having a hard time thinking abought this stuff i am a widows 2000 perf. user on dsl. if i had the cash and could afford it i would get mac as well but pc is cheep so i guess u get what u pay for..hehehe. anway thanx alot christian. ill see what i can do.

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