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Got an email with an exe attachment....clicked on it one second before realizing what i was doing.....3 seconds later, popups galore, and then error after error after error. Restarted, got into windows, before i could do ANYTHING, errors came back, crashing windows completely Windows XP home, sp2 btw. Went into safe mode, same deal, this time I couldn't even get into the desktop, got to task manager, but thats it. Tried running explorer.exe but crashed seconds later.

Found the HP restore CD. Tried repairing windows, 2 hours later, got into windows.....same errors. I CANNOT lose these files on the hard drive or I would've reformatted hours ago. I'm fairly advanced in tech but I'm at wits end. Its really the data i need to save....

What can i do? Any bootable CD's from any company can help me get rid of this? Is there a anti-spyware bootable cd? HELP!

Data recovery is crucial so I would like it back. Unfortunately, Dad put his files all over the hard drives instead of in one place.

Since the post, I put in the HP recovery cd. Since I didn't want to reformat, I choose to repair windows. It reinstalled windows completely, but it still didn't work.

The essence of the problem is this:

When windows boots up, the logon screen show up, i enter the password and i get into windows.

As the startup apps start kicking in, "rundll.exe encountered an error" ( or something to that effect ) When i click ok, another one, immediately, CTFMON.exe, then tskmangr.exe, etc etc, all fail to the point of windows completely frozen.

Booting into safe mode encounters the same problem. In fact, it doesn't even get to explorer.exe, it starts crashing right away before i even get to the desktop.

It you wnat a recovery CD that could help you recover all the data and also you don't format then use UBCD or Minipe live CD editions. They also have antiviruses which can also scan your hard disk for any viruses.

Or if you can get to windows try using run command and see if you can get to msconfig and check for any program that could have entered in the startup

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