No problems at all :).

Now that your PC is clean you need to follow these easy steps to keeping it this way:

Download CCleaner and install, then run it. It will clear out your temp folders.

  1. Uncheck "Cookies" under "Internet Explorer".
  2. Click on Run Cleaner in the lower right-hand corner. This can take quite a while to run.
  3. Close when finished.

Secure your Internet Explorer by going here and following the instructions there.

Better yet, use an alternative browser! Download FireFox and give it a run. It is far more secure than Internet Explorer. Or, you can get Opera which in my opinion, is better still.

Use a firewall to help prevent your PC's control being usurped by undesireables. There is a link to a good, free firewall in my signature.

Install and keep updated, AVG anti-spyware, Ad-Aware SE and Spybot S&D.
Run them all on a regular basis, following the maker's recommendations.

Install an anti-virus. There are some good, free AV's available today. Make sure that it is updated regularly and have it scan your system often.

Check for Windows Updates. Microsoft regularly post updates for your systems safe running. Make sure to take advantage of this. Reboot when installed and return to make sure there are no others.

Empty the Recycle Bin.

For XP users.
After something like this it is a good idea to Flush the Restore Points and start fresh.
To flush the XP system Restore Points.

Go to Start | Run and type msconfig and press enter.

When msconfig opens, click the Launch System Restore Button.
On the next page, click the System Restore Settings link on the left.

Check the box labelled 'Turn off System restore'.

Reboot. Go back in and Turn System Restore Back on. A new Restore Point will be created.

Note that all previous restore points will be lost.


If you have any more problems, post back.


Happy surfing,


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