i am new at this, but i want to learn more about how to work and repair things in registry and in hijackthis, problem 1. my computer is acting up, for example if i go to yahoo chat it loads just fine but if i try to pm with any one i can see what they are typing but i cannot respond when i type and hit enter nothing happenes.

problem 2. my friend used my computer when i was at work, and installed a bunch of games on my puter , "this is when my puter started acting up"

problem 3. i have hijackthis, ad-aware, and spybot search and destroy, and security manager by comcast, and norton system works 2003, soon to be 2004.

problem 4. i know very little about how to use this stuff, i realize there are tutorials but am afraid of messing up my puter i had it where i wanted it and do not really want to reinstall and set it up all over from scratch.

i look at my hijackthis log and to me it is all greek lol. so how do i know what i can remove and what i cannot remove??, also how do i know what i can and should not do in registry??????

thank you for your time, i will post my hijack this log when asked and sorry about posting in wronge thread.

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