As the title suggests i am having major problems with Norton's Auto-Protect feature. For some reason it continually turns itself off by showing the following message box: "Auto-Protect experienced an unexpected error..." This has happened many times now, 15+ and is rather annoying to find out that software you pay good money for is failing to do what it is meant to do. I have found that the tech support on their site is of no help to me with the 'tool' it uses to fix the problem. Restarting the computer fixes the issue but it then comes back another day. So does anyone know how this problem can be defiantly fixed?


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Thanks anyway thunderstorm for a random post

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Also does anyone have this issue? It's really bothering me now....
If anyone wants a picture of the actual error box, i can provide one.

Here is the actual error box that pops up. It pops up more on an different account than one i am using. Any ideas anyone?

get rid of norton security, its a POS.

IMHO the only good piece of norton software right now is ghost, the rest are slow and buggy

I totally agree :P

It seems to be working now, but i am not holding my breath.....

Get rid of Norton, it is by far the worst virus protection availible. Here is a link to a page with the removal tool.(Because you can't uninstall norton without it, weird huh?)

I recommend you get either Mcafee(Which costs some money, unless you have comcast) or AVG(Which has a free version that is just as good as the money version it just doesn't have some of the extra perks), though there are many other choices out there.

yeah ive been pestering him for ages to get AVG

AVG + Windows Defender works good for me

Yes, but i at least want to get to the end of the subscription for the product, shame it's out of the 48 days satisfaction thing... Otherwise it would be going back and getting a refund. I will convert to something else after the subscription has gone, but that won't be for a while yet. The customer service from Symantic is appalling. Worst customer service i have ever experienced. They never reply to e-mails, and what they suggest is either, run a useless tool-fix program, reboot, or reinstall, which takes for bloody ever!

Have you tried going down the tech support route, which is free via email and in my experience here quick to respond (although also in my experience here about as useful as a chocolate teapot.)

he tried it and they ignored him

Bizarre. I went to the symantec website, filled in the support email form, and got a response within 2 hours. That response was the usual scripted nonsense, and it took another 24 hours for them to reply to my rather scalding explanation of why the advice was as much use as a one legged man at butt kicking party. I gave up after the second email turned out to be as much use as the first, uninstalled and reinstalled the app (Norton 360) and all worked find from then on. It was a problem with LiveUpdate which had got itself in a right old mess.

It's a hit and miss whether the auto-protect error happens or not, so far every other turn on and off. But still no reply from them, i used a hotmail e-mail address, was this the wrong think to use, because i got the confirmation e-mail through but no response.

Hi Serunson,

This is Mike from the Norton Authorized Support Team. First, I would like to apologize for you not receiving a response in a timely manner

From reading your post, it appears that then installation of Norton Internet Security was somehow corrupted. I would like to recommend that you please click on the following link, and follow the instructions to run the Norton Removal Tool.
Norton Removal Tool

Please follow the instructions in the document. When you have successfully removed Norton Internet Security from your PC, please reinstall the application. LiveUpdate will run during the end of installation and update your Program Files as well as the definitions. This should eliminate the error message that you are seeing, and provide you with real time protection.

If you could please post back and let me know if this resolves your issue, I would greatly appreciate it.



I love how norton is so shit that it neeeds its own removal tool

lol, i will try that at the weekend Mike, seeing as i am bogged down with college work all week. :P

I had the same problem Serunson, If i remember right i just downloaded the latest version of it and that fixed it. I have never had any other problems with Norton jbennet and I find that it works really well.

You mean the 2008 version?
I still running the 2007 version, could this be the issue?
Seeing as it still error's itself now and again.

No it was updated version of 2007

By using the Norton Uninstall tool, you are making sure that you have completely removed all Norton products, which will facilitate a fresh, clean install and resolve any problems with components of Norton Internet Security that may be problematic (in this case, the Auto-Protect feature). This is the case with Norton products from 2006, 2007 and 2008. This tool exists because Windows Add/Remove Programs feature does not always work properly.

In regards to upgrading from Norton Internet Security 2007, there are some significant improvements in the overall performance, as well as other new features that you may want.

Please try following the instructions I posted and let me know how it goes.

Thanks again,

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Well i tried it out the removal tool yesterday, but it took hours to remove Norton GoBack, so today is the day that i try it out. I'll post back later on today if fully uninstalling and reinstalling works.

try it in safe mode?

Thanks Michael York, the removal tool seems to have done the trick. It hasn't errored since Friday/Saturday now so it seems to have done the trick. Also Norton has finally got back to me from my original e-mail to them. :P

You can always uninstall/reinstall. Symantec has a removal utility if it won't uninstall cleanly.

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Hey Serunson,

I'm glad to hear that it worked out for you!

Take Care,


You can always uninstall/reinstall. Symantec has a removal utility if it won't uninstall cleanly.

EDIT: I should have clicked refresh before I posted. Someone beat me to this suggestion.

I don't know what refresh would have done, that suggestion was made six days ago.

I think we can safely say this is solved now. Thanks to all inputs.