PCWorld announces new blog: LinuxLink. Wow, it's only taken PCWorld a mere 10 years to come up with this fantastic brainchild. I'm impressed. There's nothing quite like being on the leading edge of technological advances like Linux. I hope their rapid move in this obtuse new direction doesn't singe their nose hairs or scare off readers.

I don't know, PCWorld guys, do you think you might be giving too much credence to this little niche OS? I mean--a whole blog? It sounds crazy and risky but it just might work.

I have a few pointers for the PCWorld editorial staff and author Keir Thomas (The lucky blogger in this outrageous project):

1. It's pronounced Lihnux, short i--not Lyenux, long i as in luddite.

2. It works on Desktops, Enterprise systems, cell phones, and even wristwatches.

3. Focus on the positive side of Linux--people are tired of Microsoft bashing. :icon_wink:

4. Though Linux works on Desktop computers--it won't ever take hold--don't waste your time talking about that.

5. Virtualization is a hot topic--spend some time on it.

6. Interviews with Linus Torvalds are so last month.

7. CIOs don't understand Linux--avoid addressing issues that might concern them.

8. Most popular games don't work on Linux--pretend Linux and Gaming 'just hasn't come up' as a topic.

9. Spice it up a bit with some feature stories from folks in the trenches. You know where you can find me.

10. Start a whole new section of your publication dedicated to Linux--it could make your page views go up a bit.

I commend PCWorld's editorial staff for being forward-thinking enough to take on such a risky project. Bravo gentlepersons. I'll be one of your most dedicated readers.

> 3. Focus on the positive side of Linux--people are tired of Microsoft bashing.

I disagree Reginald. If people continue to use garbage, it should be thrown in their face that they use trash instead of something worth using. My two cents.

i agree with comotose. bashing is good when bashing is deserved.

I agree too--that's why I winked.