I am following a programming tutorial and it has asked me to enter the following line in the Terminal:

aspell dump master | uniq | sort > wordlist

When i type this it spits out the following:

Error: The file "/usr/lib/aspell/en_AU" can not be opened for reading.

It seems that the file is created but has no data in it.

I have installed every aspell package i could find in the package manager apart from the language ones and I am still having this issue. according to the tutorial i am following it is supposed fill this file with a list of words but the file is blank?

the tutorial i am following is http://www.tuxradar.com/content/hudzilla-coding-academy-project-two

any ideas?

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Are you root or using sudo?

It was installed through the package manager.

My problem was that i had Australia selected as the Language. when i changed to English ( Whats the difference i know ) it worked.

So my Linux Mint thinks I live in England. LOL

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