Inventing A New Linux User Interface

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If you weren't already familiar with the likes of GNOME, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, Enlightenment and others, what would you like to see in a Linux User Interface? Whether you call it a desktop manager, a window manager, an XGUI or user interface; what do you think it needs to be successfully adopted for regular users instead of Mac OS or Windows? Before you answer, assume that the end user is a non-technical person who just wants to turn on the computer and become productive right away.

Think in terms of applications, installing new applications, help files, updating, patching, malware prevention and customizing the desktop look and feel.

When you choose from all of the available window managers and desktops, what do you look for?

Personally, I'd like a system that is lightweight and fast like XFCE or LXDE but with the stability of GNOME, plus the KDE and GNOME libraries so that I can install any app available at any time. I'd like a smart system that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into the desktop by learning the way I work and responding to those subtle and individual differences.
In fact, a system that incorporates AI into the core of the operating system is a good idea and one that's long overdue. If a car's internal computer can learn the way I drive and respond to that, then surely we should create a computer that does that for users. But these are just my thoughts on the subject.

Write back and tell me what you think the Linux user interface needs to make it compete more effectively against the competition.
Is such a system possible to create?

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Certainly. It's called Xenon :P

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I hate throwing away old computers into the dumpsite. So I prefer a light weight Linux to make those computer useful for as long as possible.

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@ dandart

Wow that thing is terribly ugly! Xenon looks like it was coded by a blind and deaf 12 year old from China. Sorry I had to say it, no offense to the blind, deaf, and Chinese.

Noob, try a Web OS with real potential:

Eyeos, YouOS, Goowy, Widgetop, Glide, iCloud, Desktoptwo

@ khakilang

That's good that you are trying to be Eco-friendly and Earth-conscious, but your just delaying the inevitable. That computer will fall in to a large dump somewhere sometime, unless you do something about it!

khakilang -3 Posting Pro in Training

You're right. Recycling comes to mind. Melt those metal and plastic and reuse the chips. But thats beyond my capacity. Unless the public and the government pressure the corporation to recycle.

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