Can someone tell me how to configure my vsftpd.conf file? I am getting a cannot change directory failure. What would cause this?



where to start.. lets see if Im a bit rusty its been ages since my last post.

first check the permissions for /var/ftp/ and ensure that all can gain access drwxr-xr-x minimum

enable vsftpd with the following command:
chkconfig vsftpd on

verify the service is enabled in the appropriate runlevels (3,5 @ a minimum):
chkconfig --list | grep vsftpd

for more info on vsftpd & vsftpd.conf these commands will do:
man vsftp
man vsftpd.conf

next, ask yourself the following questions and use vi (vim) to edit vsftpd.conf:

do I want to allow anonymous users or not? [unless you want to loose major bandwith I wouldnt do this] default is no {anonymous_enable=NO}
do I want them to upload data? [this can suck up space] default is no {anon_upload_enable=NO}
do I want them to create thier own directory structures? [things can get messy quick]
do I want them to download only? [this one is good for rpm servers and ftp servers in general, you dont
want someone using you as an illicit node] default

anyway, follow through the file and pick what you would/wouldnt like users
to do by removing the comments in front of the disabled variables and
setting them to =YES or NO to suit your needs.

next, restart or start vsftpd with one of the following methods:
service vsftpd start
/etc/init.d/vsftpd start

test it out via sftp:
sftp localhost

enter (user) anonymous [or whatever]
(password) [leave blank, hit return]

tell us if it worked..

also if it dosent pan please include a condenced version of your vsftpd.conf file variables only



Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I can log in successfully, however, I can't access my /var/www directory with my username. How would I go about getting to that particular directory? I guess if I can't get there, I would have to change my httpd.conf file to use personal directories instead of /var/www for hosting webpages.

#ftpd_banner=Welcome to blah FTP service.
#enable for standalone mode

the default "root" jail location for vsftpd is /var/ftp
you cannot traverse the directory structure above that point for security purposes

link /var/www to /var/ftp/www like so:

ln -s /var/www /var/ftp/www
(you might want to double check my syntax)

ensure cdawdley has access rights to read and write files below /var/www

this method retains the default and creates a directory within..

else you could mv /var/ftp/pub /var/www/pub
then remove the /var/ftp/ directory

then link /var/www directory to /var/ftp and viola youre done.
www & ftp are the same

you may have to restart vsftpd to test this out.
this shouldnt have an effect on apache.

can someone tell me where the heck I can find this "vsftpd.conf" file? If it does not exist, then where shall I place it?


update: nevermind I found it, but for those who want to know: