I have a server that I have decided to divide into VM's using HyperVM with OpenVZ, so that some friends can play around on the server and that I can have several Linux distros on one server.

I am wondering if I should install nothing on the host other than the HyperVM panel, or if I should leave important things like Apache and FTP on the main host rather than in a VM.

If I'd install it on the host OS, I would be afraid that it would interfere with the virtual machines.

But if I create a virtual machine just for some software which could just run on the host OS, then the virtual machine will waste resources for the OS used in the VM?

Please advice, thanks :)

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There's no real loss to creating it on the host vs in a vm, except that a vm requires more resources to run than just apache/ftp. With that said, make the host OS as light as possible, to allow more resources for the vms. Dont install a GUI, or anything else you wont use on the host.

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