This is atep by step tutorials how to setup Debian server this includes

Debian Installation
FTP Server Setup in debian
Webserver Setup in Debian
Samba Server Setup in Debian
Database Server Setup in Debian
Time clock sync for debian server
Mail Server Configuration in Debian
VNC Server setup in Debian
Proxy Server Setup in Debian
SSH Server Setup in Debian
tftp Server Setup in Debian
DHCP Server Setup in Debian
IPtables Configuration in Debian
DNS Server Setup in debian

Complete Debian Linux Server Setup Tutorial

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I took a look at the Complete Debian Linux Server Setup tutorial that you have, and it is pretty nice, but I think that if you put it more in a step by step as though your were sitting there doing an install it would be more helpful of a tutorial as opposed to several links on how-to. Just my humble opinion! But thanks for all of the good info and keep at it! We need more people with the know-how to share.

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