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I have uninstalled ubuntu from my laptop but it still appear in the grup what should I do , to get rid of it??

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hello everyone, i have an HP server with 96GB Memory but unfortunately 32GB was detected when i was installing Red Hat Linus OS, after some months i carried out maintenance work on the server and 96GB was detected by the system but my Red Hat Linux OS is not seeing the entire 96GB RAM but 32GB, how do i make my Red Hat Linux OS see the entire 96GB RAM on the system


you should ask your question on a separate post not as a comment in someone else post


only RHEL 6

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No one is talking to you. Post your question on its own, not in response to someone else's question.

Boot to Mint. Make sure you have grub-pc package installed. Run sudo update-grub from the command line in a terminal. This should detect which operating systems are installed and update the boot list accordingly.

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