do u know how install fedora software

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You can have a Bootable CD/DVD/pendrive for fedora and put it in the device while booting up. After that, it will instruct you to have the partition and will ask you where you want to put this in your system. It would be just simple UI. It will prepare desktop for you and at the end you can restart and enjoy the beautiful fedora. Hope this helps.

The following steps I am providing based on the search I made according to your question. You can try it. Hope it would be helpful.

1)Boot up your system and log in
2)Find the software you are looking for. You can find it by searching the repositories, or through a search engine. Unless the .rpm file is there, you will usually be able to install the software using two ways:

i)Command Line
1.Open up a terminal. This can be found in Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal. If you did not give yourself sudo permissions you will have to the su command.
2)Run yum update. This is done by sudo yum update.
3)Type in sudo yum install software-name. For example, if you are installing Dillo you would type sudo yum install dillo.
4)Type "y" when prompted. This is to make sure you would like to install the software and its associated dependencies. You can override this by adding the -y flag (sudo yum install -y software-name), although this is not recommended.

ii)Graphical tool
1)Open the graphical tool. This is System -> Administration -> Add/Remove Software.
2)Type the name of the software you are looking for into the search box. For example, you can find Dillo here by simply typing it into the search box. Software is also organized by category.
3)Check the box for the software you want to install and then click Apply.

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