where can i find pwl files in windows xp,pwl files where windows login password is stored

PWL files don't exist with Windows XP, only Windows 95, 98 and ME.

Windows XP uses a form of encryption to store passwords in a SAM Database (Security Accounts Manager).

What are you looking to do?

In previous version of windows like 98,95,etc it was possible to edit or delete the pwl files by runnin the OS in safe mode with command prompt to by pass window login password program, so how can i be able to do that in windows xp and vista, and thanks for the reply.

You need to be an Administrator to edit accounts within Windows XP. You can gain access to accounts, but, you would have to google 'Administrator Password'.

I can't give you the information here as its against the rules.

Just an addition...

With Windows 95 & 98, to bypass the password, all you had to do was hit the Escape Key or delete the .pwl files.

Also, remove Windows Logon from the network properties.

isnt it possible to crack the windows xp login password without having to login in as administrator like booting the system using linux boot cd,etc if you can help me with it, and if its beyond the rules plese mail me at <email snipped>, i got my PC locked down, thanking you.