Im planning on creating a program that stores & retrieves data (names and addr. 4 now)which lang will do this (gui too) and will give room to make d program more complex (as i get better)i already know a little java and python your suggestions,advise will be appreciated(ive got roughly 3 months).

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If you already know a little Java, you should probably use that.
If you really WANT to learn a different language, the options are wide-open.

Java, python, perl, c, c++, algol, pascal, basic, snobol, lisp, pl/1, cobol, bliss, etc, etc...

Java or Python would suffice.

Any programming language would let you do this. Which ones are you familiar with? Which are you most comfortable with, and why?

Thanks Am actually leaving out java i was thinking c++ but if python is an option i'll go with that but any ideas on how to construct the gui with python (and any good book too!)

There are good GUI tools for both python and C++. Most people consider C++ more difficult to learn. To me, each is JAPL - Just Another Programming Language - I have used C, C++, Basic, Visual Basic, Java, PL/SQL (a dialect of ADA), Transact-SQL, Cobol, Dibol, x86 assembler, 8008 assembler, dBase, SQL, Quel, Smalltalk, ksh, sh, csh, bash, perl, python,... At this point, it really doesn't matter to me.

In any case, if you are going to use a GUI and want to use C++ as the language, then check out Qt for the GUI and general development framework.

Sori i forgot to add this can python create an INDEPENDENT standalone windows app i once faced a similar problem with pys60(standalone but you had to have python installed)and didnt like the soln(switched to j2me) so do i get a standalone

If you package it right you can make something with no dependencies. You just have to distribute a Python exe with your application.

Well, I guess he's asking for your opinion rather than choices. It depends upon several factors; for instance if you're developing software that does not interact much with the hardware and stays at the software level [if you understand me]; you might find Java easy-to-learn and powerful too. If you're gonna go around interacting with the hardware, then I would recommend C. It is the lingua franca of programming.

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