I have a static page/site that I want visitors to be able to personlize, so that everytime they return they will find their own unique settings, links, personal information etc. I do not want them to have to login upon return.

I have no idea what type of programming I should be learning and am hoping that you can point me in the general direction. I would especially appreciate the recommendation of a specific site or book

Also, can I do this with frontpage?

Thanks, JR

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You would have to use client side cookies to store their identity to be able to pick this up on subsequent logins, so why not store the configuration entirely using cookies on the users machine?


I would reccomend using www.w3schools.com for any web-based learning. There are a variety of ways you post the cookies to the users machine, but i reccomend php as being quick and easy to learn. As for using frontpage, I don't know, but I thoroughly reccomend dreamweaver for writing any web code, I have found it to be very good.

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