ok, forgive me if at any point i appear to be utterly computer illiterate this is most likely to have been caused by the fact that i am in fact, mostly computer illiterate

My problem is this:

i recently bought a sony net md walkman model number mz-nf610. With this item came a software package called sonic stage. This software allows me to transfer music/mp3 files from my computer to my minidisc player. It also allows me to rip music from audio cd's.
Now when i attempt to run this software i always get the following message:
"Cannot find the database file or the database file is corrupted"
This problem then forces the program to shut down.

At first you may scream for me to go to sony helpdesk and see what they suggest... I did and they were about as much use as boobs on a fish.

The reason i suspect this has something to do with my operating system and something i am suspecting i may have done in the past to screw things up (what i dont know), is that another mp3 burning program i own (nero) also constantly alerts me of a problem with a corrupt or missing database file when i try to burn mp3's from an audio disc.

Now i am sure i read somewhere that upgrading my system can screw up settings that these programs rely on (maybe this elusive database file). I recently did upgrade my home edition of winxp to professional but at no point did i conciously alter any database files.

My question is this:

Does anyone have the slightest clue as to what is going on here and if so what can i do to mend the situation.

Any help offered will be greatly appreciated as i am currently fuming that i have just forked out over a hundred bucks for a piece of equipment that i am unable to use.

Thanks in advance and forgive my ignorance if it is too apparent.

if other burning programs are not working for you either than something is wrong somewhere in your system, check to see if anything is wrong in the system such as missing drivers, you can try running registr mechanic or phone sony and if all else fails of course there is reformatting, which fixs most errors :) sorry if i cant help more

May want to look at Nero to see if that is the source of your problem.
If you create a database in Nero is seems to create a whole ream of
IDX files all of about 1K - look in \program\ahead\mymusic or some other
path you may have stored it in.

If you a smart alec like me you'll have deleted them, thinking don't need
that junk anymore, then got the error message!

In Nero burning ROM select Database... Repair a damaged database. If this doesn't work, Create a new user database and use this as default. This cure
the little problem I had.

Best of luck


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If this doesn't work, Create a new user database and use this as default. This cure
the little problem I had.

Best of luck,

Pardon! how do you create a new user database!

hi every one .

i have faced the same problem when i was uninstalling the nero software.
so the solution is :

right click ok the "c" drive and cilck on the search option .[TEX][/TEX]
now search for the shell database manager .

then you will willl get the shell dtabase file.

check for the path beside the icon .c:\program files\common files\ahead\lib

now select the shell file in the search drag and drop it in the destination "lib" folder.

now restart the computer .

got the control pannel and try to uninstall nero software.

upgrade it or install existing version .

so thatz how it worked out for me .

now itz running fine .

bye. : )

its shell database manager

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