I am not a developer or especially knowledgeable in MS SQL, but I am the person responsible for creating special queries for my companies SQL Database. I have a query that is selecting customer names, addresses, product ordered and e-mail addresses. I am want to select only those customers with an e-mail addresses (i.e. JohnSmith@AnyTown.Com). My problem is that the people entering the data aren't consistent in how they record a refusal to give an e-mail address(i.e. "Nope", "N/A", "No", etc.). I know that ALL e-mail addresses have the format USER_NAME@DOMAIN_NAME. I would like the selection criteria to be something like: select when EmailAddress is like "*@*".

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SELECT * FROM Customers where EmailAddress like '%" @ "%'"

Why do we need double quotes around @ ? ("@")
PS. I tried it and it gave me an error.
We can use SELECT * FROM customers where emailaddresses like '%@%';

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