Hi, I am a newbie for MSSQL. Previously, I was given a question regarding MSSQL. Although the interview had over, but I am curious to find out on how to solve the question below:

There are 2 tables, NAMES (ID INT IDENTITY(1,1), NAME SYSNAME) and
RELANTIONSHIP.NAMEID and where top-most name has a PARENT_NAMEID=0.
Show a nested list of names including LEVEL, NAMEID and NAME, where
LEVEL indicates the nest level (or depth) from top. You may use functions,
stored procedures,views and any other Transact SQL commands compliant
with Microsoft SQL 2000.

Sample Data:
NAMES table content
1 Frank
2 Jo
3 Mary
4 Peter
5 Amy

RELATIONSHIPS table content

1 0
2 1
3 2
4 1
5 2

Expected Output

0 1 Frank
1 2 Jo
2 5 Amy
2 3 Mary
1 4 Peter

Thanks in advanced

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Try this code in Query Analyser. It enough for small data. If you want to use for big data, modify the code.

set nocount on
create table #tmpName (ID int, [Name] varchar(255))
create table #tmpRelation (ID int, ID_Parent int)

insert #tmpName (ID, [Name]) select 1, 'Frank'
insert #tmpName (ID, [Name]) select 2, 'Jo'
insert #tmpName (ID, [Name]) select 3, 'Mary'
insert #tmpName (ID, [Name]) select 4, 'Peter'
insert #tmpName (ID, [Name]) select 5, 'Amy'

insert #tmpRelation (ID, ID_Parent) select 1, 0
insert #tmpRelation (ID, ID_Parent) select 2, 1
insert #tmpRelation (ID, ID_Parent) select 3, 2
insert #tmpRelation (ID, ID_Parent) select 4, 1
insert #tmpRelation (ID, ID_Parent) select 5, 2

create table #tmpResult (ID int, ID_Parent int, [Level] int, [Name] varchar(255))

insert #tmpResult (ID, ID_Parent, [Level], [Name])
  select N.ID, R.ID_Parent, 0, N.[Name]
    from #tmpName N inner join #tmpRelation R on
	N.ID = R.ID
    where ID_Parent = 0

while exists (select 1 from #tmpName N left join #tmpResult R on N.ID = R.ID where R.ID is null)
  insert #tmpResult (ID, ID_Parent, [Level], [Name])
    select N.ID, R.ID_Parent, C.[Level] + 1, N.[Name]
      from #tmpName N inner join #tmpRelation R on
	N.ID = R.ID inner join (
			select	P.ID, P.[Level]
			  from	#tmpResult P left join #tmpResult C on
				P.ID = C.ID_Parent
			  where C.ID is null
				) C on
	R.ID_Parent = C.ID

select ID, [Level], Name from #tmpResult

drop table #tmpResult
drop table #tmpName
drop table #tmpRelation

Thanks Huangzi, will test it later. Thanks again for the solution you offer.

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