Hi to all,

I am new to Daniweb and I'm already impressed with the wealth of information available. With that in mind I did a search through the forum but did not see a solution to my problem.

I have a couple of machines on the same network. ONe of them (machine2) is running winxp and apache server as well as mysql.
Machine1, on the other hand only has applications, Office, textPad, winxp etc. Is on this machine that I installed the odbc connector and tried configuring it. USername, password, server, port are all ok. as far as I can tell. But I cannot connect to the server.

I tried pinging the server via cmd line by name and by ip addres and it works no problems.

any ideas???? My ultimate objective is to convert some MS Access DB's to MySQL. Perhaps there is a better way to do it. right??


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